Welcome to the DEMO platform of Guthandeln.de!

With this demo platform we hereby kindly invite you, to test our purchasing solution. Learn about all the different functions, modules and projec types which will support you in you everyday tasks.


This platform is intended for:

  • all businesses which need to purchase
  • all buyers, who want to see all decision critical data at one glance
  • all process decsion makers who put a special focus on standardized processes
  • all revisors, who have a specail focus on transparency and traceability for each step in the purchasing process
  • all quality assurance managers who are responsible for introduction and maintenance of a quality assurance system
  • all IT divisions which wish to use sustainable solutions
  • all suppliers who have a special interest in finding buyers for their surplus production goods


Log in and create a demo project, upload products, negotiate product characteristics and prices, graphically view the development of prices and export all relevant data to Excel, determine winners, etc.

And please give us feedback! Is there something you really liked? What can we do to further improve our tools? Did you miss something in our solutions? Just contact us: via Email: demo@elb-solutions.com or via phone: +49 (0) 2102-1689370


Thank you very much and have a lot of fun "testing"!

Your team of GutHandeln.de

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Usage of the demo platform is completely "for free" and without risk!


Example files

The english version is currently under construction. In the meantime please have a look at the german version.